An Analysis of Accountants' Resistance to Cloud Accounting


  • Valentina Vinšalek Stipić Veleučilište »Marko Marulić« u Kninu
  • Mile Vičić


cloud accounting, cloud computing, accounting information system


Using computers and computer programs for bookkeeping and accounting is not a novelty, but if we consider the possibilities of cloud computing there is room for improvement. Progress in ICT development, broadband internet access availability, widespread use of various modalities of electronic business creates opportunities for faster, safer and more efficient accounting data management. Cloud accounting gives us means to simplify activities, increase data security, increase the availability of information from the accounting information system to managers and accountants. Benefits in using cloud accounting solutions are visible especially for small and medium enterprises who use outsourced accounting services, but nothing less applicable for use in large enterprises. The problem in accepting this new way of doing business is visible within accounting service providers because of resistance to new technology, low will to learn new things, fear of not having data under full control, etc.



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