The Evaluation of Benefits Using WCMS Platforms for SMEs in E-commerce (the Case of Georgia)


  • Tsotne Zhghenti Business and Technology University
  • Lika Mikava


Web content management system, SME, e-commerce


The purpose of this paper is to identify the factors in the Georgian market that assist small and medium-sized businesses in beginning e-commerce activities. The paper's research is based on the assumption that for start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, it is critical to take the first steps in e-commerce with as few mistakes and as few costs as possible. The ease of starting this type of business for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs stems primarily from the fact that they can build the website they want without having to hire expensive programmers or understand complex coding. All of this is provided by web content management system (WCMS) platforms. At the same time, however, the fact that the easier it is to start an e-commerce business through such platforms, the greater the competition in this market, in response to which, in the digital world, we need to constantly keep an eye on the news, trends, technological updates and innovations in this field in order to make the appropriate Implementation of issues in our business. The used research methods and experience can be useful for other researchers to analyze opportunities for SMEs in any other country.



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Zhghenti, T., & Mikava, L. (2023). The Evaluation of Benefits Using WCMS Platforms for SMEs in E-commerce (the Case of Georgia). Journal of Economics and Business Issues, 3(2), 01–08. Retrieved from