The Image of Airport Managers An Assessment of Airport Employees


  • Sabiha Annaç Göv Assist prof
  • Oğuzhan Hayri Çöten


Manager Image, Business management, Airport management, interview, Qualitative research


The purpose of this study is to uncover the effect of manager's image on employees. For this purpose, a semi-structured interview technique was used with 8 different employees of an airport that has a large number of employees. As a result of the study, important themes and codes related to the subject were identified. These themes are characteristics that a manager should have, manager's attitude towards employees, manager's impact on participants' work life, participants' attitude towards their current managers, skills that participants dislike in their managers, participants' satisfaction level with their current managers, manager's competence, perfect manager that participants dream of, difference between managers in aviation industry and other industries, impact of aviation industry on employee-manager relationship. According to the results, characteristics that the manager should have are empathetic, quick decision making, rational decision making, be experienced, and realistic, farsighted, sympathetic, open minded and respectful. As a result of the data obtained, it is aimed to increase awareness about the image of the manager from the perspective of employees.



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