Evaluation of Critical Success Factors Playing Roles in The Digital Transformation Process


  • Zeynep Özguner researcher


Digital Transformation, Multi-Criteria Decision-Making, Dematel


The digital transformation process allows the development and progress by combining all business areas from supply chain to production with a fast and smart operation opportunity. Businesses are allowed to increase their transformative capabilities in information processing by integrating digital transformations into their business. In this way, businesses, which increase their ability to produce digital solutions, are encouraged to create digital thinking systems. For this reason, knowing the factors, which play roles in the success of digital transformation, will guide businesses in an effective decision-making process. Based on this point, the purpose of the study was to determine the affecting and affected factors by analyzing the factors directly or indirectly affecting the process. In this direction, the weights of the success factors created based on the literature data, and their relations with each other were determined with the Dematel (The Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory) Method, which is one of the Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) approaches. It was concluded according to the findings of the study that two of the six common success factors were affected factors, and four of them were affecting factors. The relations between the criteria are presented with the cause and effect diagram.



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