Determining The Obstacles To Green Production With The Dematel Method


  • Mert Ozguner researcher


Green Production, Dematel, Multi-Criteria Decision-Making


Problems such as global warming, pollution, rapid depletion of the present resources, unsuccessful waste management, along with increasing environmental concerns and awareness, are the driving forces pushing producers to adopt green production practices all over the world. With the emergence of urgent requirements to compete efficiently together with global awareness of environmental risks, production systems are transforming into a new paradigm. In this perspective, green production has been conceptualized, and then implemented by large-scale enterprises in developed countries. However, various obstacles emerge as obstacles to the green production of enterprises due to limited resources. The purpose of this article is to identify and prioritize the obstacles to green production. In this context, the weights of the obstacles that were created based on the literature data, and their relations with each other were identified with the Dematel (The Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory) Method. According to the findings of the study, it was concluded that two of the six common success factors were those that were the affected factors, and four were the affecting factors. The relations among the criteria are presented with the cause and effect diagram.



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