Islamic Economic Methodology and Development Relationship


  • Gülistan Eryolu Gaziantep University
  • Arif Özaydın Gaziantep University


economics, development, islamic economics


Economics foresees the rational and fair execution of the economic order among individuals. Islam, on the other hand, contains its own norms and moral values that concern both individual and social economic attitudes. For this reason, in this study, it is aimed to explore the basic conceptual framework, the scope of Islamic economics and to determine the direction of the applied methods in the axis of Islamic economics. It is explained within the framework of the concepts of economic growth and development, which are important indicators in the interpretation of Islamic economics in economies and the measurement of the success of the economy. It is predicted that Islamic economics will be accepted all over the world, regardless of the research method, by bringing reasonable solutions to the economic problems of countries. Emphasis is placed on the importance of an understanding of economic growth and development that encompasses all of the world markets in achieving the ultimate goals, and only by considering the concepts of innovative, entrepreneurial, justice and morality in a holistic way, a change can be achieved.



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