Importance and Significance of Sustainable Tourism for The Sibenik-Knin County


  • Valentina Vinšalek Stipić Veleučilište »Marko Marulić« u Kninu


Tourism, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Tourism


Sustainable development, due to the preservation of natural resources, is of utmost importance for the whole community, especially for the future of tourism. Sustainable development represents an efficient use of natural resources such as the environment, economy and society. Tourism as one of the leading and fast-growing branches of industry is the main source of revenue for many countries. Sustainable tourism is a revolutionary approach to the entire tourism industry, not only in the field of sustainable tourism development and responsible resource utilization, but also in the long-term socially responsible and socially more balanced approach to tourism.

In recent years, in the area of ​​Sibenik - knin county, there has been a marked increase in the development of tourist youth, which is evident in the increase in the number of visitors, as well as the increase in the number of rented accommodation units, where further growth tensions have been recorded. However, data on the impact of tourism on the area of ​​Sibenik - knin county will be presented with indicators of sustainable tourism. For this reason, all tourist destinations and regions, as well as all tourist activities, should be developed according to the principle of sustainable tourism.



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